On April the 25th 2012 Patrick Zakhm was invited to appear on a populaire show on LBC that talks about all subjects that are taboo in Lebanon called Ahmar Bil Khat El Areed. He appeared under moutaraded Patrick hidden from view and with a modified voice for security reasons. The interview was done in Arabic/Lebanese. And now we have a transcript in English of the questions that the host of the show Malik Maktabi asked Patrick unprepared for in advance. This transcript only cover the part of the show when Patrick appeared and was asked these questions on until the end of the show



"Mr.Patrick Zakhm is welcomed @ 35:00 "

Malik : Moutaraded Patrick, Good evening.

Patrick: Good evening.

Malik: Since you decided not to use your name and didn't want to be visible to have a visible face on our show..Why did you choose that?

Patrick: Because these things can create problem where i am right now(Lebanon). You can't talk about it to whoever you want.

Malik: On your site you introduce yourself as a paranormal investigator or ghost investigator. What does that mean?

Patrick: It's like a ordinary crime scene investigator, a detective, when there's a murder or a robbery they send in an investigator right to try to understand what happened and who's behind that and try to find and arrest the culprits behind these crimes. And with me it's the same thing, i try to understand what is going on in a haunted house and if there are ghosts or not and what to do or what can be done if there was any ghosts.

Malik: You say"If there are any ghosts", do ghosts exist?

Patrick: Yes they do, there are ghosts in all countries around the world.

Malik: Ghosts, what are ghosts?

Patrick: A ghost is someone like you and me, who doesn't have a physical body.

Malik: It's not like we see in the movies right, ghosts that are white like in cartoons and floats around?

Patrick: No there are some truth to that but the rest is Hollywood.

Malik: But the ones you force them to make contact with you, what do they look like?

Patrick: I do not force them, they come to me and show me things, for example they have a problem and they'll show me that and I'll try to see what i can do to help them out. But i do not talk to them. They come to me and show me the situation they are in.

Malik: Are there women ghosts, men, kids ghosts?

Patrick: Yes there are, they are people like you and me.

Malik: Are ghosts the same as souls, people's souls?

Patrick: Yes they are the same. But with ghosts they have not finished their trip home. They have not gone yet to where they suppose to go. It's like someone who is traveling to another country, he checks in and wait in the waiting room in the airport, at his gate, but doesn't board his plane. He just sit there and he doesn't know he's waiting. He can stay there wait and wait and he wouldn't know that he is still stuck here, still waiting and not aware of time. Because time stands still there and does not exist. And he think he's still in this world.

Malik: To go, to go where? Where he suppose to go?

Patrick: To where he suppose to go, to his creator if you like, to God.

Malik: You mean he sit at his gate, he's stuck there you mean?

Patrick: Exactly, he's stuck there and he is not aware of that. He does not see the passage of time because there's no time, time does not exist to him.


Malik: For what reason you do that? You decide to go into houses that are haunted or think they are haunted and you go see if there are ghosts there?Why do you do that?

Patrick: Because i want to help them. There are souls that has been stuck in time for hundred of years and they are not aware of that. I go and try to see them and see what is going on and try to help them and send them where they suppose to go.

Malik: So you are a psychic, a medium?

Patrick: A bit of both, i do not communicate with them, i only see them, so I'm a sensitive. psychics talk to them like I'm talking to you, but i don't do that, i only see them. When a communication is needed i ask the help of a medium or a psychic.

Malik: "Before publicity" So Patrick explore the world looking for ghosts, what did he find in Beirut", We'll be right back after the break".

At 38:11...This is a video of a ghost investigation done in Batroun and in which Patrick picked up the ghosts there then started reading a past event that occurred there. A murder scene of a man that was covered with blood and could not breath. And behind him a young woman screaming from the top of her lungs. In the video Patrick is pointing toward where the murder occurred and what he was reading from this spot. But during the show they didn't seem to understand that Patrick was not talking about a ghost but about a murder that occurred there many years ago. So instead the video was used as if he was talking about a ghost then merged that from the middle to the end with what was felt in ghosts there in the house. Then they showed some of the pics(found on our site) of the white floating and moving mist in one of the most haunted room. This is the room that Patrick on the site talk about where he could not meditate in. It was packed with ghosts he says, around 15 of them. He says he's been into haunted sites before but never coming across such ghost intensity vibes. The vibes intensity in there would not let him either meditate or think. Please check the Lebanon, Batroun, Ghost case # 1 on our site to learn more about this investigation.

After the break, Malik ask Patrick


Malik:Patrick you said that you don't talk to ghosts yet you mention that you do in the reportage, what do you mean by that?Doesn't it contradict what you said earlier?

Patrick: What i meant is that i greet them, i don't talk to them.

Malik: You say in the reportage the house is packed with ghosts, why didn't we feel them?

Patrick: In that room correct, Because you have to learn it to feel them. This is something you learn it.

Malik: What do you mean you learn it? You learn it how?

Patrick: You learn it like anything you learn like if you want to become a car mechanic or a an electrician for instance, you have to learn the trade you have to study it, you can't become anything over night right away because it takes time. This is the same, it's something that you learn. This learning awaken your spiritual organs of perception that let's you see beyound the physical.

Malik: In the reportage you show us pictures with smoke. How did you create or construct that since we didn't catch nothing with our cameras?

Patrick: Construct what? This is what the camera caught. I took close to 500 shots and i got lucky catching this smoke. My camera have a setting that takes burst mode with flash, three shots with three flashes in about a second or so.

Malik: But how did you construct the smoke? How did you put on the smoke?

Patrick: I don't understand what you mean. This is what the camera have caught. Among the hundreds of shots, these were caught in one of the burst mode done in there. I do not have any programs to manipulate pictures nor i know how to manipulate pictures. I know there is Photoshop of course but i don't have it and i wouldn't know how to use it even if i had it. So the camera have caught these pictures one after another in burst mode.

@ 41:34..Malik turns and ask the priest on the show.


Malik: "Asking a priest(name: Kodss El Abb)" How does the church look or act toward ghosts and haunted sites and things that Patrick is talking about?

Kodss El Abb: These are stories we hear in the country. I move all these stories to Doctor Jamous(the psychologist there on the show). I have no answers regarding these things.

Malik: But there's a known part of the church that deals with ghosts and demons, doesn't that contradict your church beliefs?(Malik repeats this same questions several times to the priest).

Kodss El Abb: I personally don't believe and we as the church don't beleive in the jin nor in ghosts.

Malik: But there's part of the church that deals with demons that haunts houses.

Kodss El Abb: This is another subject. Demons are evil souls that the bible have talked about. We don't go there never outside of that domain. The sacred book talks about evil spirits in the people and not the place, haunted place. I'm not trying to send you again to Dr Jamous because i don't have the answer. But cases like these needs to be studied one by one to try to understand why this is happening. But i tell you that we absolutely don't believe in such things.

The host then turn to Dr. Jamous and ask his opinion...


Dr. Jamous: Like we have seen earlier, i like to bring the hallucination thing again. We have 5 senses and there are hallucinations connected to all these senses.

Malik: Patrick what is your opinion regarding what Dr. Jamous is saying?

Patrick: He's right about the senses that we have 5 senses in our physical body but in the soul there are senses also that we can awaken. And with particular spiritual exercises you can awaken these spiritual organs of the soul and then you'll be able to see things that belongs to the spirit world."Then Patrick says that cameras don't hallucinate but that was later removed from the interview".

Malik: Patrick, I'll get back to you in a bit. As he introduce and talk to another guest who have heard and witnessed ghost activities(@ 44:04). The guest talks about a known haunted site where people can't stay in it for long, they hear all kind of strange noises so they leave. They come one day they leave the next day. People can't stay long in that supposedly haunted house. He then say that the Syrian army stayed in it for a bit of time then left also, they couldn't stay in it for long. Then he say there are light in that house that turns itself on for a bit then off, all by itself, and things happen in it at night.

Sheik Sadallah El Sbaheh Visit a haunted site, this is the video that follows (@ 45:22 to 46:53). The sheik during the video says there's like a family of ghosts in there and they are behind the things that occurred there and this is to keep people away. Sheik then after the video explains that the stories have been heard all over town regarding this house since the 1992. This is a well know haunted house and everybody knows about it. He says to Malik if you wake up and find your stuff all your stuff out night after night after night, would you keep living in that house? No of course, this mean you are not welcome in that house. Then Malik read something from a group of Egyptian specialist in which they say there's no proof that ghosts exist. The Sheik replied that you can't say that because Jin exist and if Jin exist ghosts exist. The earth was built with the help of Inss and Jin and if there are these then there are ghosts. Then Malik mentioned that some people make profit from all that and the sheik agrees.

@48:48...Malik ask Patrick.


Malik: Patrick, why can't we also say that since you have a website and books that you aren't doing this for the money? That you are saying there are ghosts here and there just so people can buy your books?

Patrick: My experiences books and thoughts are just to share with people, my intention is not to make money from these books but to share with people what i have learned so far.

Malik: So they are free? They're not free?

Patrick: Paper and printing cost money you know and my intentions are not to make money out of all this. My service is free.

Malik: There are British scientist that have done experiences and played with water and the winds and other things around a house and discovered that they can make the people living in it feel its haunted. What do you say about that?

Patrick: You cannot take their words for it, first you can't believe what people or scientists say is haunted or isn't haunted, you have to go and see for yourself and hear what people say then see if it is or it isn't haunted and see what is going on and what people are feeling exactly. Maybe the house they are doing these experiences in IS haunted for real and become ghost active in particular moments. You can't be sure of what is going on you have to go and see for yourself. Everybody understand and describe a ghost or a haunting differently, so you can't take what people say they think they see or feel you have to go and see for yourself first.


Malik: If i can't feel them and i can't sens them and i can't see ghosts how can i know there are ghosts?

Patrick: Well that's it, you need to call someone who have experiences in this field who knows how to tell whether you have ghosts or don't have ghosts.

Malik: How can you today prove or show to the viewers today that there's some trueth in what you are saying?

Patrick: Well of course you can't convince everyone, it's like the stories that come out in the news, some people will believe them and others will not. You can't force everyone to believe, that's how it is and that's how people and things are.

Malik: Dr. Jamous, what do you think of what we are hearing here that there's a lot of people experiencing similler things in haunted sites, not only one person but many, many people, groups of people?

Dr. Jamous: From what is known, psychological diseases are not contagious, meaning that if you are treating a patient you become like him. But there's one that is contagious, hallucination. And a hallucination can become contagious and touch many people and groups of people can fall under that same hallucination. So if a person convince another person that his hallucination is true he'll be able to convince others as well. This becomes group hallucination.

"Malik then ask the sheik what he thinks of that group hallucination thing?" And the sheik replies "that's not correct, what is that group hallucination thing? These things are based on what is known for a long time since the creation of the earth where there are different types of Jins for different things and these were God's creations, these were part of the creation of the earth."

Then Dr. Jamous interrupted the sheik and said..

Malik, I would like to make something clear here, i'm just a doctor and i know the frontier and the limit of my expertise. It's possible that there are other sciences that can understand/explain these things but to me they don't convince me.

The sheik replied in a quiet voice" That's it, that's what it is, there you go". Insinuating to the Dr. by that that his knowledge is limited to what he knows as a Dr. and nothing more.

Dr. Jamous: "Continues" then said that he's a knowledgeable person too and has red many books regarding all kind of subjects.

"Then Malik ends the show and thanks his guests".