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Patrick Zakhm's mom Georgette, aunt Alice, uncle Tanios's death in 2015 and their visits to him and his contacts and spiritual experiences with them afterward

-Georgette around the age of 20-

"On august 18 2015 i received a disturbing call early in the morning that my mother(Georgette) was blue, dying, dead. I couldn't believe what i was hearing so i jumped in my car and took off in her direction. While driving i started calling for her, calling for Georgette spiritually(hoping that i don't see her because if i do that means she's gone)but saw nothing. But then about half an hour later just as i was taking the exit that leads me to her to home she came through and i could see her spiritually. A giant wave of incredible sadness and disbelief just went through me at that moment. I said to myself"It can't be!..Georgette is gone??!..I must be dreaming!..This must be some kind of nightmare i was in!..This is just not possible!". I couldn't believe it because she's a tough woman, she's been through several operations and she came out as if nothing had happened. This terrible news just did not and would not sink fully into me until several month later. Another sad thing was that she was just few days short from her 81th anniversary."

-Above is a very old photo of my mother Georgette(left)with one of her best friends. She's around 16-17 years old here. This picture was taken in Paris, France. Then another shot of her below with the same friend many years later but this one was taken in Nice or Cannes, France-

-Above is Georgette and me-

-In the shot above is Georgette, her mother Monira and me in the middle. They both traveled a lot together specially granny Monira. Granny used to tell me"I have been everywhere..I have spent my life traveling...Name a country that i have not been to?-

"But then seeing her soul spiritually just standing a bit above me and in front of me lit up a tiny glimmer of happiness in me because all of a sudden it hit me that she is free now and no longer suffer. In 2001* Georgette fell victim to a medical error(twice actually)after receiving medications that were not meant for her condition, messing up her state of mind and rendering her helpless unable to take care of herself for several years. Then she started getting better little by little but did not recover fully."

*-**Additional info added in 2017**-"In 2000, Georgette started having memory problems. Then around the beguining of 2001 I went with her to Montreal, it was a non stop trip of around 12-13 hours flight. Thinking this trip might do her well psychologically(and maybe a solution to her memory problems) since she always addored being there but unfortunatly this was to be her biggest psychological shock of her life. Upon arrival she was refused visa entry for some unkown reason. I tried talking logic with the immigration officer(scarface)there that she's a French citizens, we never had any visa problems before, always getting one upon arrival plus most of her family lived in Montreal, to no avail, it was literaly like talking to a cold brick wall devoud of any kind of emotions, compassion or understanding. Mom broke into pieces, she was devastated and started crying. It was a psychological crash for her and utter disbelief to me. The officer then said"You can go in but not her"and she has to leave. More shocks kept coming, then I said"No im not letting my mom go back by herself I will leave with her as well". It was hell getting there because she had back, intestinal and memory problems. Out of question leaving her to go back alone. So we waited a bit then left on the next flight. Another 12-13 hours of hell again, the same day. This was the last time Georgette would ever see Montreal her beloved city again"-**

-Mom stayed with us all the time until the end. Here my father is paying her a visit-

"Back to what i was seeing spiritually. This perception was a bit vague and foggy and was not as clear as i usually see souls in the spirit world. I did not know why until later. Her face was not clear but i could her silhouette, i could see enough to know it was her. She did not look the way i remember her. She looked much young now around 35-37 years of age. I could not see her face clearly at first(which i understood the reason why later)because she was very sad and crying and din't want me to see that. The waves and waves of sadness that were running through all of us were going through her as well."

-This is what Georgette looked like when i first saw her after death in the spirit world. She looked though few years younger then in this shot-

"As i kept seeing Georgette i started talking to her in my heart/in thoughts and her energies started changing from pure sadness to glimpses or glimmers of happiness but she didn't say anything. Then all of a sudden i see these very large and tall squarish dark brown poles like structures around her. There was 4 or 5 of them. They were so high they seem to have touched the sky of the plane she was in. Then about an hour or two later these structures started melting down melting away and merging together and becoming the background, Georgette's background.She stayed in front of this background for several hours. I continued seeing her silhouette spiritually but not fully. When i arrived home i was told that my mother was taken in an ambulance to a particular hospital that i did not know. So i took off with the little information about how to get to that hospital. After asking around i finally arrived. My sister devastated and emotionally in pieces was waiting with some friends outside the ER section. So i told her that i saw Georgette's soul and all. She was very surprised while crying and saying "Really!!???..Did you see Georgette!??". I then talked to my sister and described what she looked like now and started explaining things to her and managed to calm her down. My sister had an idea about the field of work I'm in but didn't know that i can see spiritually souls who are on the other side. The rest of that day was spent the same, Georgette stayed visible all the time but not fully."

"The next day august the 19th 2015 i decided not to call on Georgette. I thought that it was better to leave her get accustomed to her new life to the new plane she was in right now. Then around 3 pm she came through spiritually(my spiritual window opened)on her own and i could see her clearly from the waist and up. Her background was now lighter and cleaner. I could see her clearer now(she looked like pic 2)but still a bit younger then in that picture. She was happy and her background was lit. She was wearing a light beige T-Shirt and a dark pants. At that time i was with my girlfriend who knew and loved Georgette. I told Georgette(in my heart and mind)that I'm with her and right away Georgette send a kiss which i passed it on to my gf. Then i called my sister and told her that Georgette was here, i can see her spiritually. She said "really!!??". Then my sister started crying. Then i told my sister that I'll get back to her then i hang up. Then my sister calls me back few minutes later and asked me to ask her few questions which i did. Georgette answered one of my questions about a minute later by moving her head left and right as a no then said one word"Waqteh"(my time) to leave. It was her time to leave. Then i asked Georgette if she wants to say something else to my sister. Georgette then send a biiig hug and many kisses. My sister then calls back and i pass these two messages to her. As i spoke to my sister it was as if my mother heard my sister's question and answered it, saying"The time i spent with you was for saying goodbye to you.......". I received that whole sentence in one shot. I did not understand what she meant by that since Georgette has been sick for close to 14 years."

-Georgette after having her head operation-

-In the video below, Georgette is being told in French how beautiful her hair is, her face is, trying to cheer her up, then all of a sudden at the end she send a kiss. Her favorite song "I have a dream" by ABBA is playing in the background-

"But then it hit me. About two weeks earlier Georgette was rushed to the hospital after a head scan revealed a hemorrhage. She spent a night there then had a operation the next day to remove the blood. The next day during the operation and about an hour through it my spiritual window opens up again in front of me all of a sudden and i see Georgette as a young woman about 35 years old standing to the right and in front of her a couple of meters away facing her to my left was her mom Monira looking in her 60th. Then Georgette say to her mom " ya mama!"(..mother! if calling for her). Her mom yells back at her one word "Rja3eh!!"in Lebanese...Meaning (Go back!). Then both just..Disappeared and i no longer see anyone of them."

"And this is what Georgette meant when she said to my sister"The time i spent with you was saying goodbye to you..". Mom was suppose to leave the physical plane during that head operation but her mother did not allow it and yelled back at her to stay, to go back into her body. My grandma did not accept that my mother leave, not just yet anyways, so mom stayed. So from the time of the operation until the 18th of august 2015. All this time all these days were goodbyes. Where Georgette was saying goodbye all this time to all of us."

"The following days after Georgette departure from the physical plane i kept seeing her soul almost every day. She would come and stand a bit high up in front of me facing me and i would explain things to her about where she was and how things work there. One time i was with my girlfriend then Georgette lifted a tiny beige child's coat in front of her, she was holding the coat by the arm and stretching it open and gave a big smile at me as if telling me to have a baby or that she wanted to be a grand mother. But when she noticed that i didn't like the idea she removed the coat and i no longer see it."

"Another time i saw her emotionally crying away from me as if she was standing near someone from her family sad and crying, so she was crying with him too. This was a male family member. Although i did not see who this person was i felt he was a male. Other times i would hear her spiritually(or in thoughts)talking above in front of me to other souls and having conversations with them and i would feel the types of feeling appearing in her from the way she was talking, whether a family type of talk, serious talk or chitchat or women's talk. One time there was a man next to her. He was not visible right away but he was giving off tough strong vibes. Then few minutes later i could see clearly who it was. It was my grandpa Elias(my father's dad). He was standing in profile mode in front of Georgette(facing me) with his hands in his pockets and felt as if he was walking and just arrived. He was not looking at me he was looking sideways in front of Georgette. I did not really know my grandpa, he died when i was very young(a year or two old). I knew what he looks like from his pictures. I was told later that this is how he used to walk usually, he has the habit of putting his hands in his pockets like that(like how i saw him spiritually)when he walks. Yet another time, someone from my family was looking for a very old picture of Georgette and asking me if I've seen it before or know where it was which i did not and i did not know what picture was that. Then all of a sudden as if Georgette was listening to the conversation then she showed me that black and white picture of her when she was very young just to show me what that picture looked like. I have never seen this picture before but then around 7 month later we fell on that same picture that Georgette showed me by accident and it was confirmed by the same family member looking for the picture that it was indeed the one he's been looking for."

"Occasionally i would remind my mother about the beautiful times we spent in Montreal together, she loved Montreal a lot. Then i mentioned to her the last time she was there and where we went to eat. We went to a popular restaurant. And when i mentioned that she right away showed me a picture of her dressed in a particular outfit. I did not understand what she meant by that. But as i started going back in time in my head it came to me that she was wearing that same dress when we went and eat together that day, it was just unbelievable how she was interacting with me and showing me things, things that she still remembers."

"Another time i felt Georgette exploding in excitements and happiness and i heard her spiritually/in thoughts saying things to someone(an old female friend) who she used to love a lot and haven't seen in ages and who have just arrived near her. I cannot hear exactly what she was saying but just feel the emotions in her thoughts directed to someone very dear to her who has just arrived."

"Since her departure august 18 2015 i see Georgette everyday. Either she come on her own or i call her and she would come and stand up in front above me in my spiritual window. And i would talk to her in thoughts and sometimes i would play music for her some she liked and she would react to it saying like"ya allaaaah!.."(o my God or oh how beautiful this is). And other times if something she doesn't like she wouldn't say anything as if she's not hearing it. Occasionally i would see expressions on her face from the things I'm telling her, i would see reactions on her face from the things I'm saying to her."

"Today its Sept 13 2015 and she has payed me 2 short visits. It seems with time her visits to see me are getting shorter and shorter because i feel she's getting used to the plane she's in, watching and following new things in the world she's in right now and getting accustomed to it much more then before. Before that when she started coming to me she would stay for hours none stop at a time standing in my spiritual window as usual and looking at me. Not very clearly visible but visible enough. And when i talk to her she would look at me and all her attention was on me. But when i stop talking, she would stay where she was then turn a bit to her right and look elsewhere. But when i reopen a conversation or start talking to her again she would straighten up turn back the way she was and look back at me."

"On September the 27th, exactly 40 days after Georgette s departure, i went with family members to visit a church in Harissa in Lebanon to pray for Georgette. On my way up there as i was driving, my spiritual window opens up and i see spiritually Georgette standing in it like usually but with a difference this time. She was on a much higher level then usual with her back half turned toward me. She was extremely happy. She stayed like that for a bit then she said "Merci ya toobourneh!"She was thanking me. She stayed very happy and visible for several more hours. I thought at first that she was just thanking me for driving the family to Harissa but that was not the reason. The next day i knew why. As i woke up around 7:30AM in the morning September the 28th, although i could not see Georgette, i felt spiritually that she was way high up as high as Alice was or arrived at in July the 1st when she approached me while staying invisible from high up but stayed very distant to me just to tell me that she was no longer waiting in that room that she moved to a higher plane and was extremely happy. That's when i understood why Georgette was thanking me. She was leaving the plane she was in and going up to a higher one. And so she was thanking me for all the things i have done for her since her physical death."

"Although i have not seen Georgette since December the 7th 2015 i keep feeling her emotions from different situation she's in up there coming through occasionally, coming from way up. I sometimes send her messages in thoughts that we all are fine, that this and this and this family..etc are all fine. I usually say the date too to her. In return i would either feel her getting happy from this news I'm sending or i don't get nothing."

-This is Georgette and Aunt Alice. Georgette was still sick here. Georgette and Alice were like sisters and best friends and loved each other alot. Georgette here is not standing on her own because she can't. My sister(you can see her foot behind)is holding mom's up as well as my aunt with her right hand-

"Georgette was now with Alice and they were both very happy, i could hear them high up spiritually but not see them. I could hear aunt Alice laughing the way she used to from happiness with Georgette. The ambiance was similar to a scene in an airport where family members are waiting for someone very dear to them who they have not seen for ages, arriving at the gate, the moment the door opens and them running toward him then hugging him then kissing him. This was the ambiance that Georgette and Alice were in. Georgette was very surprised by what she is seeing then said"Ya alllaaah...Ya alllah!!..."(o my God!..O my God)(Christians and Muslims in Lebanon use Allah word for God). She used to say that in the past when she was here to describe an unbelievable thing she is hearing or seeing while being very happy. I kept feeling the happiness of Aunt Alice and the surprise of Georgette then they started talking and talking but i could not hear what they were saying, i could feel it's connected with what is happening."

"Then on the 4th of October 2015 it was a Sunday, our family had a funerary service for Georgette. Before the service began i went with someone from my family to visit her tomb then like 15 minutes later as i was waiting to leave members from my mom's family cousins of her showed up asking me where Georgette's funerary service was being held. I pointed that out to them then they took off. Then all of a sudden Georgette peaked from the plane where she was. That very high spiritual plane she was on now that same level where she arrived to on October the 28th, the same plane where Alice is. I could see her clearly now and she was very happy looking at me from up there. I have tried in the past to contact her after she went up there but had no success. Now she was all visible standing up looking at me. She was wearing beige short sleeve Summer top and a dark blue skirt. From seeing her i felt she was standing on the frontier of that 3rd plane. It was as if she was given a special permission to stand in a particular spot so i can see her."

"She didn't say anything she was just happy and was looking at me, then about an hour later it's like she sat down because i could see her legs dangling sideways, it was as if she was sitting on top of a high wall. Then the service began in the local church not far from the tomb. One of my uncles(father side)was sitting right beside me and loved and respected Georgette a lot when she was here. Church incense was lit up throughout the service. Then about an hour later my uncle started having breathing problem he seems to be dizzy and showing signs of discomfort. Things got worst with him and just about to drop down he signaled one of my cousins sitting beside him on his right side that he is dizzy. Then my cousin jumps and grab my uncle before collapsing on the floor. My uncle lied on the floor unconscious. The service stopped and everyone rose and ran and gathered around us to try to help my uncle and understand what is going on. Georgette seems as if she stood up because i could see her position from sitting down had completely changed. I could barely see her now. Ambulance was called in, water was poured on my uncle face to help him wake up then little by little he started to come back then we helped him to stand up and was taken outside to get some fresh air. He sat down for a bit outside then they brought him back in again to his seat. Then again about half an hour later he started dozing off little by little then was grabbed again and taken outside where he stayed until he was taken to the hospital. It turned out it was connected to his stomach and the incense he was breathing in the church was the cause of his collapse. He stayed in the hospital and didn't come back. Georgette stayed visible but not as clear as before. She stayed for many hours sometimes looking at me when I'm talking to her and other times she would turn around and look elsewhere while still standing up above in front of me. She would only twist around and look behind. Georgette kept coming from time to time and stand in that same spot way up there. And when she's not there her spot is empty. She came few more times then i stopped seeing her and seeing that spot where she stood."

"Then on December the 7th 2015 Georgette's soul came to me. It was 10:52 AM. and i was in a bus heading south in a country i was visiting. All of a sudden my spiritual window opened and i see someone walking coming from far far away and heading straight toward me. I felt that it was a woman but couldn't see her clearly until she was close by and it was Georgette, my mother. She was standing above and in front of me (but not very close like she used to come when she was in the first plane)and smiling at me, she was fully visible from her ankles and up. She was wearing again a dark blue skirt and a light beige t-shirt. I was very happy to see her because it has been a while since i last saw her. I greeted her and welcomed her and asked her how she was? She replied in Lebanese"...ana mneha ya tohborneh!(Im fine my dearest or beloved one - ya tohborneh's meaning cannot be really described here but it is used to show a lot of love for someone)."

"I started talking to her telling her how everyone is. Her facial expressions changing from person to person accordingly as i was mentioning them. Then i stopped. Then a bit later she turned her body completely to her right and was looking at someone or something, but i couldn't see who/what she was looking at. It was as if she was on a tiny bridge looking down, not big enough to move around, big enough to just stand on it. From time to time i would start talking to her again and she would turn her head giving me full attention then when I'm finished talking she would turn back to look at what she was looking at before. About an hour and 20 minutes later i started getting sleepy and so i excused myself from my mom and told her that I'm always here if she needs something then i slept. I woke up a bit later but she was gone."

Patrick Zakhm favorite aunt Alice dies on February the 11th 2015 and below is his spiritual contacts and experiences with her after her death

-Aunt Alice above. Below my father trying to cheer my aunt(his sister)a bit-

"I received a shocking call very early in the morning on February the 11th 2015 letting me know that my favorite aunt(aamty Aliice in Lebanese)aunt Alice has passed away. I was very sad to hear of her passing. When i was very young mom had to travel abroad and so she left me with Aunt Alice to take care of me until she gets back. So my aunt was like a second mom to me. She's been sick for many years and had cancer. Then one night while in the hospital she stopped responding to the treatment she was following then stopped breathing. Few hours after that call, around 8 am, i all of a sudden felt my aunt's presence momentarily looking at me then she was gone. Then around 11:30 AM that same day i called upon her few time and asked if she can hear me and where is she. Around 10 to 15 minutes later my spiritual window opened and she became visible to me. The plane she was in was very foggy but lit with normal light. She was not very clear, just clear enough to see her. She was sitting down and her back was toward me. She stood up and turned toward me very happy and smiling. She looked younger about 15-20 years younger. Aunty passed away when she was around 85 years old. But when i saw her she looked like in her late 50th, dressed in all black with black T-shirt, summer cloth. Her outfit resemble summer funeral short sleeve clothing. Her very white skin in black clothing made her stand up in the foggy plane."

"When she looked at me smiling she said ''eh aamteh, eh aamteh''(yes aunty..yes aunty). She talked to me the same way she used to talk to me when she was alive and fine. Then she stopped. Few minutes passed she then say'' shou baamil aamteh?''(what do i do aunty?). I was surprised to hear that. Then i said to her in Lebanese''aiteh la amii Canaan, amii Joseph, aiteh lal adraah...biyijouh isaadoukih...''(call on your husband canaan, Joseph(her brother)...The virgin Mary...They'll come and help you. I did not think this answer, it just came to me to tell her that. After i said that the angle of my perception of my aunt changed a bit to sideways view and i could see her now standing behind long metallic bars as if to tell me moving forward closer to me is not allowed, it's forbidden. Only moving away farther and deeper is what is allowed. Then few minutes later i could no longer see her she seems to have gone farther from me. Similar to someone standing in a very thick fog in front of you, he's a bit visible a meter or two away but if he go farther and away you won't see him no more. When i could no longer see her i was hearing vaguely her inner thoughts/emotional world because i started hearing her praying. Saying what or praying to whom i did not know. A bit later i could hear her spiritually talking to someone where she was. This figure was a man much younger but very spiritual because i could feel his vibrations. He was similar to a very bright pure white light and he was not standing on the ground she was on but a bit higher as if floating. She talked and talked and talked to this being of light then a bit later the ambiance she was in completely changed and her presence there faded away as if this being of light was taking here some place else. Then later on i started hearing my aunt talking again. When she started talking i could feel that she was in a big lit room. She then started complaining about something. It felt to me that she was made to sit and wait for some kind of reason. And this is why she was complaining about, this waiting thing. Then i hear her spiritually saying''My children are in the army and they won't allow this to happen to me. They wont be happy if they knew that I'm waiting here!!". She have 6 kids and most were in the army at some points or work for the army, one reached the position of MP(military police)commander. During the funeral representative of the Lebanese army was there and many other high officials from the military. So aunt Alice kept complaining and complaining. She was complaining non stop but still nothing changed in her situation and all that did not help her in anyway. Then i called upon her again and told her to relax to calm down, that this is a temporary thing she is going through, she just needs to relax and calm down. I repeated the same thing for her few more times and i left her with that then i stopped."

"Forty days later there was a jinnaz for her(going to a church and pray for her soul). I went as well as everyone who knew her to the jinaaz and again i tried making contact with her with no success. Afterward i was invited to go to my aunt's house and i accepted. I stayed a bit there, talked to my cousins, to her daughter who knows about the field I'm in, so i shared my experience with her. She was surprised, happy, sad and intrigued. She told me she still feel her mom sometimes in her room. We talked some more then i left a bit after. I tried again making contact with my aunt while there but got nothing. Its after i left my aunts home that a contact was made, while driving. This contact was no different from the last one, she was still in the same condition, still waiting. I could hear her complaining and still complaining why she still waiting her? But this time her complaints were less intense and weaker. I called upon her and told her to calm down and to relax and that i was at her home and that i saw all her children and that they all are fine that they love her and miss seeing her. My aunt's ambiance all of a sudden changed to happiness. I continued calming her down then i said to her why don't you lie down a bit Aunty, take a nap or something, lie down and sleep a bit. Her ambiance changed again and became very quiet and calm and i no longer hearing any complaints. Complete serenity stepped in and i could feel her vibration getting very calm as if about to sleep then i stopped saying things to her and left her with that."

Then on July the 1st 2015(around 5 month later)my spiritual window opened and i could feel my aunt is way up looking in my direction and extremely happy. I could not see her this time but i felt her feeling of happiness was being radiated in my direction. She did not say anything and no thoughts from her were received. But with that i knew she was no longer waiting anymore and no longer in that room or in that plane. She has moved up to a higher plane but for some reason i was not allowed to see her, only just how she felt how she was feeling, what she was going through emotionally, which was pure happiness."

Patrick Zakhm uncle Tanios died on March 12 2015 and below is his spiritual experiences after his death.

"I received a call on March the 12th 2015 letting me know that Tanios(aamy tanoos as we called him in Lebanese)the husband of one of my aunts"aunt Eva"(one of Alice's sisters) has passed away. It was strange because about exactly a month before, aunt Alice passed away. I haven't seen him for many years but i heard prior to that that he was sick. That day, around 7:30pm my spiritual window opens and there he is, looking in his mid to late 50th and very healthy. He looked the way i remember him when he used to work in the country taking care of his lands, planting fruits then selling them. Tanios came in up in my window in front of me and stood spiritually there with a pleasant expression on his face. The same usually smiling face he used to have. I was seeing him in the plane that he was in, he was in the first plane that comes after the physical death experience. I tried talking to him but got nothing back in return. Since i haven't seen him or talked to him for many many years there was no thought/talk communication thing yet. I was only picking up his pleasant happy feeling."

"So Tanios stood there looking at me for some time then i tried telling him in thoughts if he can go higher or move farther then where he was and if he can see anybody he knows over there? A bit of time passed then i see someone coming through from behind him from another plane a little higher then where Tanios was. This man was much younger then Tanios and had a strange elongated face with 3 to 4 days beard. I did not like the feeling that was being given off by this soul. Only his head was visible. So then i see Tanios turning half turn around and then starting to talk to that man. Then few minutes later Tanios turned back toward me and looked at me. I told Tanios in thoughts that if he like this man or feel comfortable with him then he should go with him."

"Tanios then turned back toward the man like he did before then stayed like that for a bit of time and continued talking to him then again few minutes later he turned back toward me and stopped turning back toward that soul after. Apparently Tanios decided not to go with this soul. Then a bit later that man that came through pulled back to where he came from and i stopped seeing him. Tanios kept on looking at me with a friendly kind look. He stayed for a while as if he was waiting for something or someone. My aunt(his wife)is still alive but very sick. Then later on he faded away and i stopped seeing him."

~Patrick Zakhm~