Akashic record reading cave experience - October 2017- In a city near Ehden, country side, Lebanon

"I was with some friends visiting another friend who lives in the country up North of Lebanon. Near our friend's house we came across what looked like a small cave that was sealed. We tried to find a entrance to no avail. Then out of the blue i was shown spiritually the past connected to this cave then i was shown a man(with another person that i could not see)in his 30th squeezing himself with the other person that was with him between two slabs(blocked now in the middle and no passage in sight) that were part of that cave. The man had white skin with long spread dispersed hair dressed in what looked like animal skin clothing. It was brown(a bit like the color of red wine)2 inch long smooth fur. The outfit was in two pieces, the upper piece had no sleeves(please check picture) and the lower piece was triangular in shape and covers the area between the legs. The fur actually resemble bison or buffalo fur but there is no buffalos in Lebanon. Not in recent history of course but maybe there was in the past i thought. At first I thought it's just a peasant belonging to one of the ancient civilization that occupied Lebanon but this outfit did not seem to go with any of them, not to my knowledge that is. The way he was dressed was basically barbaric."

"I then went on the net to look for anything similar to what i was shown spiritually. And the only clothing that was close were those of pre-historic men(please check pictures below). In pre-historic time this area was inhabited by what was known as Qaraoun culture and they belonged to the stone age period. I then told my friends and pointed to them where the entrance supposes to be, between those two blocked slabs in front below us."

Photograph Photograph

"As my friends began removing what was blocking the entrance between the slabs I started to feel something was moving below us. Whatever it was it seems that it became agitated by my friends actions. This thing felt powerful by the way it moves and of spiritual nature. It felt like a dense ball of thick smoke and it was going around and around as if bouncing around beneath me without touching the walls where it reside. And that is what is called a Rassid. A Rassid is an entity created by particular prayers and spells to guard something precious. And you cannot reach or see what is hidden if there's a Rassid guard present because it will move what is guarding elsewhere. You might reach your destination and find nothing and you might laugh and say "Oh...there was nothing there..It was all a waste of time". Where as in fact there was and before reaching it it was moved in a second elsewhere by the Rassid. You see for everything physical there's a spiritual essence of it, move the essence and you move the physical object no matter what it was. In ancient times putting Rassids was a popular way to protect or guard what belonged to you from thieves or grave robbers. I have encountered something similar in the past and it was not one condensed energies like i mentioned above but two condensed energies in a ball form but were much smaller in size and way weaker. They were doing the same thing as with the above one, bouncing around beneath me without touching the walls that surrounded them. This protective entity can be dangerous if you don't know what you are doing, specially if it touches you, because it can go through you and posses you. To neutralize a Rassid you'll need a special Sheik who specialize in removing them by reading particular Surahs from the Quran."

Patrick Zakhm