Micheal Jackson Spirit Vision

This is an experience Patrick had few days after the death of Micheal Jackson. In his own words :


"It was 2 days after his death that i saw spiritually what follows. As i was watching the news on the death of Michael Jackson. We were shown on tv his sister Janet talking about him, where she was saying to the public" For you he was an icon..But for us he was family..". As she was talking all of a sudden i felt somebody above me moving or waving his hand in front of me as if to clear out the view and then i saw Michael's spirit looking over to what his sister was saying. He was leaning over and listening(he was extremely sad he was literally in pieces)*. From the standing/bending position he was in(facing opposite direction to the way he is in the picture above) it was similar to someone standing on a balcony on a second floor and taking a look below street level to see what is going on. I was watching the TV yet my attention was on him above. He was leaning to the right and he was wearing a floppy white shirt with black pants(please check pic above)and his hair was tied back and he did not look the way he used to look at the end but much younger, several years back the way he looked in the late 1990th to early 2000. Few seconds later i stopped seeing him. This whole experience lasted few seconds. I think he was looking the way he did because he was most comfortable in or maybe this is what he liked to be dressed up in the most, sort of his best cloth. And i didn't know that he was very close to his sister Janet, i learned that later on from the news".

"Patrick Zakhm"

* Please note that the sadness part was there in Patrick Zakhm vision. It was put up at first to this page but was then removed. And now it's being put back up again for good. There was a lot of sadness everywhere following Micheal Jackson's death and so we decided to remove the sad part until people forgot about him a bit *