Saint Michel Ghost Case, Montreal, Canada

"(UPDATED)We came across a very strange i would say unique ghost case in Saint Michel area. Something that we haven't come across before. What made it unique here is the fact that the ghost came from another house. What caused that is still not really clear but what we know is that a paranormal investigator was doing a ghost investigation on his own in the West of Montreal and for some unknown reason (maybe what was said to the ghost)the ghost that was haunting the premises over there managed to attach himself to the paranormal investigator then came back home with him, it followed him home. And now it is haunting the investigator's own house. Then from EVP's made he started little by little to hear the ghost talking. But then this communication turned to something very abusive. The ghost became nasty and very mean toward this paranormal investigator. The ghost was not only that but was also very cunning and sneaky. He then started threatening the investigator and scaring him by telling him he's gonna hurt this person or do this and that. But nothing physical came out of these threats. They were only made up to create fear and confusion. The ghost was even following the investigator outside his home. But outside he was weaker and at the investigator's house was stronger. The ghost was hiding and didn't want to be seen. Two psychics were brought on two separate visits but the ghost would not show himself. One psychic was able to talk to the ghost but could not see him. But then for some reason i got a glimpse of him twice. Each time i would see him for a few seconds then he would pull back as if realizing that i can see him. He was pulling back and hiding himself on purpose because he didn't wanna be seen. But by the way he was pulling away it was apparent that someone over there (maybe some spirit guides) were intervening and they were throwing light on him so i could see what he looked like. They were forcing light upon him. At the end after several visits we understood what was going on and suggested to the investigator what he should do in order to stop hearing the ghost. The investigator followed what we said and the ghosts influence decreased. We were suppose to go back to see how things were going on but we were not able to. As you know you can tell people what should be done to solve their ghost problems but you cannot force them to follow it. And if they don't want to follow our suggestions then not much we can do and an investigation stops in it's place. And that's how this case turned out at the end."

Patrick Zakhm

1- Below in these two shots there's an orb moving from right to left. Follow the yellow arrow.

Photograph Photograph

2- Below in these three shots we can see an interesting movement of an orb. In the first picture the orb is very close to this lady's body. But then it moves to the right while moving forward toward the camera a bit that's why it got a bit bigger. And then it changes direction again then moves to the left while at the same time moving also forward a little bit toward the camera. And all these movements were made in about a second, the same second that the camera used to take these three consecutive shots with flash.

Photograph Photograph Photograph

3- Another three consecutive shots of a moving orb. This orb came from inside then headed up left while moving a bit closer toward the camera.

Photograph Photograph Photograph

4- Another orb in the kitchen.


5- Now this moving orb below is barely visible. Moved from the right then went down toward the left.

Photograph Photograph Photograph