Worldwide Ghost Investigations

We investigate ghost sightings in a whole range of places and in many different countries. Perhaps you have felt a presence or seen something you don't understand in your home or maybe in a shop or in a movie theater. If you have encountered something like that then please get back to us and tell us what is going on. We will do our best to try to solve and understand what is going on and report all sightings here on this site. We maybe located in Montreal but we can travel abroad to do investigations like the one done below in Lebanon in the Middle East.

Ghost investigation in a deserted hotel, Al-Matten region, Lebanon.

"This ghost investigation took place in the month of January 2009. The date is correct on these shots but not the time. The time was still showing Eastern Canada Montreal time. I have forgotten to adjust the time. Between Montreal and Lebanon you move seven hours forward. So with these time stamped shots you see here you will need to add(if you are in Montreal that is ) 7 hours forward to get the right time. The Hotel was supposedly been built between 1922-25. Then during Lebanon civil war (1975-1990) it was deserted. Armed religious groups occupied it. And stories of kidnappings, torture, murder and death were the daily news in those times. We heard stories connected to this hotel. Where armed men would kidnap people, torture then murder them in there. The owners tried renovating it after the war but that didn't work out as they thought it would. People were reporting hearing voices and strange sounds in there. So it was closed down for good."

"I went there twice with my friends. The first time we were 4 of us. Arrived there around 10:30pm. It was pitch black outside. We got in there and i started filming the investigation with my camcorder in infra red mode. In this area where the hotel is located there's actually nobody in the vicinity except the janitor and his family living about 200 feet away in the only house nearby. Beside that, there's nobody. The hotel is locked up but we managed to get a key from the owners and got their permission to visit the hotel. We got in and started exploring it. Started with the first floor visiting the rooms while filming and taking shots. As we went on we got in an area where for some reason i asked"Is there a third floor here??". I asked that while we were in the first floor. It was a bit strange why i asked that since we haven't been to the second floor yet and there's only two floors in here. But that wasn't the strangest thing. If you listen carefully there's a moaning in the background(the clip is at the bottom of this page). It appeared while i was asking that question above. My friends said after as you hear him" Wait...did you hear that?!..What was that??!". We all heard it except one of my friends. He though we were kidding him and there was no sound. My other two friends thought it was the sound of a wolf or a wild dog outside. But if you listen to it, there's an echo in it and the sound seemed to have appeared in space just like that. We continued our exploration while still talking about that sound we heard questioning what it could have been. We still don't know what it was. To me it sounded like someone in agony or moaning. Don't forget that torture and beheading was common in these parts of the country during the civil war."

"We explored the first floor then headed to the second by taking the staircase. And when we got there the area in front of me had a sickening morbid feeling to it. Things had occurred there. Whatever has happened in here in this area has left behind that impression in space and that's what i was picking up. We continued our investigation on the second floor but haven't heard anything after. We stayed a bit more then we left. As we left something was not right with me. There was something missing from around me. I could not explain it other then that i was all by myself. I had no spirit guides, nothing around me and nothing with me. I went home and stayed home until the next day. Where everything was back to normal around me."

"We went back again a second time to that hotel but this time we were around 8 or 9 people. A bigger group this time. bigger then it suppose to be but it was ok. As we explored the building a second time, some felt nauseous and numbness in their arms that they could not explain the reason why. We continued our exploration while taping and taking pictures. There was three camcorders and around 3 or 4 digital cameras. During both of our visits we got some interesting moving orbs. we stayed a good 2 hours there then left. A friend from our group had a strange experience when he arrived home. His dog was barking at him as if he didn't recognize him. Could it be that the dog was seeing something else beside his master?"

"Then i emailed some friends some pictures of our investigations. Who received the pictures was a psychic friend of mine in Montreal and another a sensitive friend of mine from California, the states. Both didn't like the vibes from the entrance area on the second floor that i have mentioned earlier. They both felt similar things. My psychic friend told me not to ever go there anymore. She didn't feel that i was safe in there. And my sensitive friend felt bad vibes from that spot also but didn't say it right away. It's later that she did. But still despite these warnings we still wanted to go up there to that hotel again. We chose the date and the meeting location in Beirut before heading up to that mountain where the hotel is located. The day came where we were ready to meet but that day something was not going right. There was arguments and fights in the air. Everyone was late. And everyone misunderstood everyone. Two accident almost occurred and i witnessed one of them. I was in a car with two of my friends. A mother and her little daughter decided to jump in front of us to cross a street. Just like that. My friend luckily saw them while arguing with someone in the car and hit the break just in time. Then later that night our other friend almost hit a man who just jumped in front of his car just like that, just to cross the street. And he really really almost hit the man. Coincidences ? Maybe, but we have visited many places before and nothing like that has ever happened. We have not been there to that hotel ever since."

"My conclusion is that this hotel is not haunted like ordinary haunted sites that i have come across. It's haunted by the past by whatever has occurred there in the past. Which seems to replay itself sometimes momentarily in our present time."

Patrick Zakhm

"Below is the main entrance of the hotel. As you can see we were in a completely pitch black zone."


"Here below(3 consecutive shots in burst mode). Something misty was caught crossing between my friend Rita on the left and Sam on the right as they both were walking following each other."

Photograph Photograph Photograph

"And here below in 3 burst mode shots. Is this orb going through the wall ?."

Photograph Photograph Photograph

"Here's what you see when you reach the second floor of the hotel. This is the area where i didn't like the vibes present."


"Quiet an interesting white lit double orbs heading up toward the right. They can only be seen in the first and second shot. The yellowish thing on the wall is only somebody's flashlight. This was during our next visit with the big group. "

Photograph Photograph Photograph

"A moving orb below caught in burst heading right."

Photograph Photograph Photograph

"An interesting moving orb below heading toward the table. Taken in burst mode, 3 consecutive shots in about a second with flash."

Photograph Photograph Photograph


Moving orb

Moaning sound