Worldwide Ghost Investigations

We investigate ghost sightings in a whole range of places and in many different countries. Perhaps you have felt a presence or seen something you don't understand in your home or maybe in a shop or even in a movie theater. If you have encountered something like that then please get back to us and tell us about your experiences. We will do our best to try to solve and understand what is going on and report all sightings here on this site. We maybe located in Montreal but we can travel abroad to do investigations like the one done below in Tombridge Wells in the UK.

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Tombridge Wells, England, UK

"I did not get inside the house it's a private property but i was able to pick the presence of two ghosts one male and one female, the male energies seems to be dominate here. Also there was this mist here again which i've seen in other photographs that i took of other haunted buildings."

Patrick Zakhm