Brussels past event experience, Belgium.

"As i was passing in a bus through Brussels, Belgium coming from France heading to Cologne Germany, it was dark a bit outside, we took a very steep uphill road at one time. And as we climbed it and i was looking outside through my window when all of a sudden i seemed to have tuned myself to the Akashic records events of this area for some unknown reason. And i was seeing a group of men all dressed in the same fashion from head to toe and they seemed to be all working together or have the same goal(on a mission maybe?)but couldn't feel what it was. From their helmets they looked like Nazi German soldiers with a difference that they didn't have any insignia anywhere on their cloth or helmet. Their cloth were all same color, dark brown or dark green olive kind of color. For some reason i felt they were working in secrecy. This spiritual perception lasted only for a few seconds and was gone as the bus crossed this spot. Unfortunately, there's no picture of this area since i had no time to pull out my camera and snap a shot. The street of this spot though was quiet wide and had tramway tracks on. It was only like few minutes away from Brussels-Nord station on 76 rue de Progres, euro lines bus station. I tried locating that street by using Google maps and found something that resembles it a bit. If anybody knows this street that I'm describing here then please get back to me so we can put a picture on that location, thank you."

Patrick Zakhm