House at Westmount video clip apparition

(See also: Westmount house photos and text)

"The following are clips from other visits to the house that i taped using an Infra Red Sony Camcorder. I was with my ghost tracking group in the first clip as i was taping. This is only a fraction of that video that i took that night. I didn't know what was that black thing in the window until it moved. This thing would swing back and forth and sideways a bit as if a person would swing if hes standing up a window and looking at the view outside. Sometimes the density changed, part of that smokes density thickens and other times it lightens. But what was noticeable the most is that it was blocking the view. You couldn't see the background no more.If you notice in the clip with no smoke(the second one below)there are wooden beams(they look in this clip like white thick lines under infra red) that are at an angle to the wooden interior floor. In the first clip these beams of wood are blocked by this standing black smoke. To see the difference with and without this smokey figure/figures(because I feel two ghosts are standing there not only one) I have posted another clip of that window i took at another day and taped the same window with no smokey figures standing. You can see the bottom left background is completely visible. Nothing blocking the view. The beams of wood are visible and everything else in the background is. If you notice the white square things on the windows, these are white stickers for guidance used for the different foreman working in the house. To this day the house is still under construction and nobody live there."

Patrick Zakhm

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Westmount House With Black Smoke Ghost

Westmount House With No Ghost