The haunted Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada

"This is the Vancouver art gallery. The ghost vibes given off of this place peaked my curiosity so i thought of checking it out and at the same time visit the Leonardo Davinci exhibition located on the top floor. But it turned out that this exhibition was no longer open to the public. The Ticketmaster on the first floor told me that only the first floor exhibition is open to the public and the entrance is free. But i said no thank you. The first floor was not giving off much ghost vibes, only the second so it was of no interest to me. The higher floor had the vibes that i was interested in. Then i came across someone who's been working in the building for many years and told me that some visitors in the past have reported talking about a ghost in the upper floor named Charlie or Charles. They apparently have made contact and talked to him. I was then refered to a security officer that knows many ghost stories about the building. I went to his office but he was not there and i was told to come back tomorrow and i did but then they told me that he was on vacation."

Patrick Zakhm