Haunted house in the city of Batroun, Lebanon.

"First ghost investigation case in Batroun, Lebanon."

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"Last August 2009 i was visiting Lebanon again. Some friends of mine introduced me to a new friend who is also a sensitive in the north city of Batroun. We got inside this person's house and i was introduced to him. Then we all sat down and started talking about mundane things. But there where i sat in front of me something attracted my attention. I was not expecting to see anything just to meet this person. I was picking up/reading residual energies of someone a male struggling/choking on the floor. But that was not all, just behind him was something else. A female in her twenties screaming. It was as if i was watching this happening but was frozen in time, this horrific scene was stuck in time. It was stuck but felt alive as if it was happening right in front of me. I waited a bit then i said to the friend that something had occurred here in the past as i pointed with my hand where i was picking that up from. This friend(we'll call JD)turned and looked at me then gave a big smiled then asked me what else do i pick up? I said i also pick up the screaming woman in the back. Then a bigger smile appeared on JD's face appeared then i was asked again "what else do you see?..Go look around the house and tell me if you pick up anything else". I said sure!".

" Then i stood up and started walking then i pointed to another area where i felt there was a lot of ghosts activities, it was in the hallway and was quiet intense, this is where ghosts have appeared in the past. This is where they have manifested physically. I visited the house most was neutral one room had some vibes in the other was locked. I came back then sat down. Then JD looked at me then looked at everyone then said "Back before we moved here into this house the house was empty and deserted and nobody lived here. But there was a couple who used to meet here in this house in secret. The man was married and he was meeting this girl in here. Until one day the family of the girl he was seeing caught up with him, here in this house. An argument erupted and the man was hit on his head with an axe. He fell here where Patrick was pointing then bled to death.The girl that he was seeing in secret didn't know that her lover has just been murdered. Few days later neighbors started reporting about a bad smell coming from this house and didn't know the cause until they decided to check it out. And that's how the body was discovered. The girl that this man was meeting wondered what happened to her lover. It's not until she came here later to the house looking for her man that her wounder were answered and saw him in a pool of blood. She started screaming and crying. The police was already on the scene of the crime and when they saw her they thought she may have been involved in the killing and arrested her on the spot. The girl was taken and supposadly was beaten up very badly in a effort to make her admit her crime since she was the main suspect. But all she would say is that she loved him and would never do such a thing. The girl was then released since there was no proof linking her to the crime. Then few weeks later two men were arrested and convicted of the murder."

" Now the room that was locked, i was asked by JD if i want to check it out. So i went up there and was told how to open it. As i got in i was blown away by the ghosts vibes inside. There was too many ghosts in there. JD does not let nobody in there. This room was for meditation and spirit communications. There was so much energies in there it felt like being in a swimming pool but instead of water around you there was vibes. I started taking pictures. In burst mode setting. I ended up with several hundred pictures. Then later on i checked them out and this is what i got. Check the pictures below. There are several pictures taken in burst prior to capturing this moving white thing. And some pictures were added here just to give you an idea about the room and it's size. The three shots where taken in about 1-1.5 seconds with 3 flashes each for every shot. All of the three windows in there were locked."

" Then i put up my infrared camcorder and started taping the inside of the room. I left the camcorder recording a particular area of the room. I had also lit up some candles and spread them in the room just to give a bit more light to the camcorder then i locked the door behind then i went out to the living room and sat there with everyone. I would only come back to replace the tapes. I ended up taping several hours then i left. Came back few more times and recorded many more hours using several camcorders pointed at different directions in the room. The room like i said earlier is always locked up. The door as well as the windows. All in all i taped up to around 10 hours in infra red mode with my camcorder and about 4 to 5 hours with my digital camcorder. I have viewed several hours of recordings. And moving orbs have been caught here and there in these viewed recordings(will be added when time allows it). But in one tape as it was recording in infra red and i was chatting with the JD and the others in the living room, something seemed to have been taking shape or trying to take a shape. That appeared as a lit mist of some sort. It moved in our plane a bit pulled back just a little bit then continued it's complete pull until it vanished completely from view."

" I printed the pictures with the white stuff on and told this JD what i have caught on tape. JD was not surprised at all because these things has been spotted many times before. The white stuff and the lit mist which was that of a man, according to JD. The white stuff have been seen in this room(locked) as well as in the hallways where i pointed earlier. JD in the past used to sleep in this locked room and have seen several time a lady appearing all dressed up in black from head to toe. This lady would just stand there near the bed without saying anything."

Patrick Zakhm

"The shot below shows you where the body of the murdered man was found. And where i was pointing to JD what i was picking up from. You see the white covered sofa on the left? Between the corner of that sofa and the other sofa on the right is where the screaming woman was standing."


"Below are 3 shots of the room that was full of ghost vibes. These shots are just to give you an idea about the size of the room."




"Now in the three shots below taken in burst mode with flash is what i picked up a minute later as i was snapping pictures in burst mode. These 3 shots were taken in about 1-1.5 seconds burst mode. To see what i caught you need to copy the 3 shots to your computer then play them 1, 2, 3 to see how this white stuff was moving. It was moving from left to right and actually going through the glass of the locked window on the right. "

Picture 1


Picture 2


Picture 3


"Video below : This is what the camcorder caught in infrared mode that i mentioned above. Keep your eyes on the right corner on where the window is. Something appear in front of it momentarily. Stays a bit visible then pull back. If you look carefully it's the outline of a face. This thing glows for a second or two. I mentioned this to JD of what i caught and was not surprised by it, saying that this figure have been seen in the house in the past and that it's a male. Also notice how the camcorder go out of focus afterward then tries to put things into focus again but could not."

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