Ottawa Bytown Museum, Ottawa

"This is Ottawa Bytown Museum.The Bytown museum is said to be Ottawa's oldest stone building .Built in 1827 it was used in the beginning as Ottawa's Tresury and as a store house.


The first time i went there it was during the day and the museum was open. I started my visit on a staircase that took me up one floor.There was a lot of presence energies on my way up to the second floor. It's difficult to put these felt energies into words but this resembles the smell of a perfume when you enter a shop for instance and all of a sudden you smell the perfume of a person that was here before you. He's not here but his trace is.

So the energies were specially strong from the mannequin with a mustache (It's visible when you get to the second floor and you turn right). The intensity of the energies coming from where the heavily outfitted mannequin and from where he stands are very strong. It's like the guy that these cloth belongs to is just standing right there. I continued my visit to the third floor took some pictures then went back down(I took of course a lot of pictures I'll post some of the inside shots as soon as i can).

On my way out i asked a lady that works there if she ever experienced anything strange in here.She started telling me all kind of experiences people went through in this building. From lights that turns on by itself to lights that refuses to turn off to voices whispers and footsteps.Heavy footsteps that many visitors have experienced which seems to follow people around and when they turn around to see who's following them the footsteps continue few more steps then stops completely.Like you would hear footsteps heading toward you yet there's no one there.One time early in the morning she came to do what she usually do which is turn on the lights in the building then open the windows.When she got down to the first floor she heard whispers coming from the back area of the first floor, she went to see who's there but there was no one. Another time another worker was in that area where she heard the voices and this was a tiny room where they use to put the safe(The safe is still there by the way) so he was standing there then all of a sudden he felt somebody standing right behind him watching him he got goose bumps all over his body he turned to see who it was but there was no one there. Also the bell at the entrance door rang few times by itself. I went to take a look and it didn't look like the bell switch (It's like a doorbell switch)can ring by accident since you have to apply pressure for it to close the circuit and the bell to ring.

Now i came back few days later (It was a Sunday)to the museum, it was all closed and locked up like you can see in these pictures below. It was around 9 pm and started getting dark so i thought of taking few shots of the building then i left. I didn't see anything strange while taking them until i got back home .To my surprise there seem to be a light on the second floor that suddenly turned itself on while i was taking pictures of the building .The pictures that i took were taken by one of my digital camera, so it tells you the exact time to the second when these shots were taken. And these shots that i took were taken in the same minute. So there are few seconds apart but all in the same minute .I tried figuring out the light that appears in the picture it was strange because it looked concentrated and didn't seem to shoot out far like a flash light would do for instance.There was projectors on the second floor screwed to the roof i saw that when i re-examined the shots that i took on the second floor during my inside visit to the museum but why would it turn itself on IF that light was indeed coming from a projector?To me it's just too weak to be the light of a projector and the light seems to have a dark brown tone to it also i doubt that it could be a light sensor that turns a bulb on at a particular time when it gets dark. Let's suppose that it was the case why would a light turns itself on if everything was locked up and shut close with windows wooden boards ?It just doesn't make any sense. Back in those times portable gas lamps were used since there was no electricity to light up bulbs. Could that light in the picture be the light from a Gas lamp?...This site needs definitely more investigations. I'm gonna see if i can get a permission to spend a night or two inside."

Patrick Zakhm

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