Ghost Investigation In Blainville, Quebec, Canada

"We were invited to visit this haunted house in Blainville(an hour north of Montreal) Quebec, Canada. The main problem there is that the owner (who was not there at the time)was feeling presences in different part of the house, particularly in the office and in one bedroom. In the office was occasionally of somebody sitting on a nearby velvet chair. It was just a presence felt but no contact was made with whoever that was. In the bedroom the owner would feel as if being watched, it was as if someone was staring at her."

"We arrived a bit late the first time but managed to take a quick look inside and see if we pick up something. There was 6 of us but only 3 went in plus the lady who was showing us the house and one of her sons. The psychic decided not to go in this time. So me and 2 others headed toward the house and as we did i could feel somebody a man staring at us from one of the windows on the second floor. The feel was that of a man wondering and saying something like "Who are we ?" "What are we doing here ?" Type of feeling. I didn't say nothing to nobody at first. We took a peak at the first floor(the house was empty btw) then we were taken to the second floor where the office is. There was a lot of ghostly vibes present in that office and the vibes were that of a man. We looked around a bit and as we did i started seeing the back side of a human head. It was the quarters of a man's back head side(no idea why he was showing this particular part of his head, but anyways he made contact. He had short white hair. The age that came to me was 55 or 60 years old."

Then this perception started to get weaker and weaker. Most of those that went in stayed outside that office close to the staircase. Then the lady's son (around 10 years old)spoke up and said " I just saw somebody leaning behind me(above his right shoulder) and he had white hair". We asked the boy what else did he see? He only saw that, he replied. It was a very quick thing. He didn't have time to think what or who was that ? It was just a man with white hair. This is all that was picked up in there so we decided to leave and come back again when the owner of the house was there because who was showing us the house was a very good friend with the owner. So We walked downstairs then got out of the house then as i looked back to see where the office is located from outside then i said " There was somebody looking at us from....". Then before i finish my sentence and point to where i was picking up that from then JJ( another sensitive/psychic from our team) jumped in me then said " Yes !..From there !" As she pointed to where i was going to point with my finger. She picked up the same thing that i picked up earlier on when we arrived that somebody was staring at us as we were heading toward the house but she didn't say anything about it."

"This was the end of the investigation for that day. But we came back about a month later and Judith(a psychic in our team) came along with us. And the owner was there and again i made contact with the same white haired guy. This time he showed his face it was very vague and foggy but was good enough to have an idea of what his face looks like. The psychic made contact also and explained to the lady the owner of the house what was going on and why this man was still here. I was shown later one pictures of the family and in one of these pictures there was a man sitting down holding a baby on his lap and i said to the lady "That's the the man that i saw". This person turned out to be the Father-in-law and had problem with his family. Then one day he was found dead in his hotel. So there was a lot of unfinished business between the soul of this man and his family and he was trying to communicate trying to explain things and make peace."

"As for the haunted bedroom. The feeling in there was that of someone who don't know who he is or where he is. It's like he fell in here by accident or mistake. There seems to be more then one presence there actually that are felt occasionally. So we are yet to solve the bedroom haunting problem. The owner used to give psychic readings to people in the past so we think it could be related to previous contacts with souls that came through by mistake during a reading. They came through and still and stayed here. Other possibilities is that it could be connected with the grounds that this house was built on. Possible ancient meeting spot for traders maybe? Maybe. But we are not through yet with the bedroom so we will come again and try to help who ever is here back to where he came from. The most probable reason is the "by accident" one. Imagine yourself traveling on a bus (heading to Quebec city for instance)then you got off by mistake at a bus stop(in a town you're not familiar with) and it's after you got off that you realize your mistake and start looking around. Imagine what your feeling would be and you'll have an idea about the feeling i'm talking about here in that bedroom. "

Patrick Zakhm

"The is the Office below. This shot below was taken as you enter the office and it's in that area where the presence is felt. Can you feel it?"


Below is a burst mode shots of a moving orb in the living room. Three consecutive shots were taken with three flashes in about a second.

Photograph Photograph Photograph

A blow up of that orb