-UPDATE- On a previous ghost investigation in Batroun city, Lebanon.

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Two EVP's of the same ghost echo voice caught on tape

"In 2009 several ghost investigations were made in Batroun city, Lebanon. And in the first investigation, one room was very haunted and many hours were recorded/taped in infrared mode in there using a Sony camcorder that uses tapes. Only one tape was viewed later and on it i caught momentarily the physical manifestation of a face like form(please check the first investigation Batroun case #1 and go down at the bottom of that page to see a clip of what was caught back then there).


"Unfortunately only one tape was viewed/examined back then since not much free time was at hand to check them all. Watching a tape from a ghost investigation needs a lot of attention, you have to be very attentive while watching otherwise you'll miss things, you cannot take your eyes of the screen one second because in that one second something might appear and last only one second and you could miss it. Now recently i got some free time and managed to view 2 more tapes(90 minutes each). In one tape there was nothing, but in the other it seems that i have caught a voice on two occasions, a ghostly voice of a male that sounds as an echo actually, a whining/echo type of voice that can be heard on one part of the tape. There's the sound of a car first moving away then comes the voice echo. The voice seems to be saying one or two words out of pain or pleasure. Then about 2 minutes and 25 seconds later we hear the same echo/whining voice that sounds a bit more agitated(or pissed?)this time. The voice is not continuous, like you hear it a bit then it stops then starts again a bit later then again you hear it then stops again. It did that for a few times then stopped completely. But then few seconds later you here an"Eee..."this sounded like a little girl in the room but there was nobody in there. During this recording I was with the owner of the house(JD)and with my friends sitting all together in the living room watching TV(you can hear us in a distant background). Outside that very haunted room there's a large empty dining room(around 60 feet in length and 20 in width). Then behind it is a wall then the living room where we were sitting, so you have two walls that separate us from that haunted room."

Here's the first clip below, the volume needs to be put on maximum to clearly hear the voice.

"I have listened and re-listened to that echo voice, it reminded me of a similar echo ghost voice that i heard with everyone else in another very haunted house(Batroun's 2nd ghost case). But in that case the ghost was talking and saying things where as in this case he only says a word or two. The ghost that spoke in that previous case sounded as if somebody was talking in an empty glass bottle and was pissed at us because he thought we were after him. This is what he said"troukouneh bi halah or holah"in Lebanese Arabic(with a Zahlawe accent)Or "leave me to myself". His accent which i forgot to mention earlier belonged to a county in Lebanon where people talk like that, they have this particular accent when they speak. So if you're in Lebanon and talk like that with this accent in front of people they'll right away tell you you're from this county/city."

Here again is the same ghost clip we saw above but with an moving orb passing by from the right to the left and this is a bit before the ghost start talking.

Then again few minutes later the same male ghost echo voice start talking/saying something again but here he sounds a bit agitated(angry maybe?)

"So in these two echo ghost voices, you can hear a male saying something several times but what exactly we don't know for sure. But then later on we hear the voice of a little girl or the ghost voice of a little girl saying"Eee....."which sounded as if she wants to cry out for help but she's holding herself from doing so, but why?? To avoid be punished maybe? I wondered why she wanted to cry for a while then it hit me. Was she being molested some how by this male that we have caught by accident on tape? Which he sounded calm first but getting agitated a bit after."

"Then one time as i was reviewing the tape again i was shown spiritually all of a sudden a little skinny girl around 5 or 6 years old sitting down on the floor with a bent knees and legs and head position(just like in the pic below)near a wall. She was dressed in a type of cloth that are not tight but that stays very close to the body like from the early 1960th type of cloth(please check pic below)there was a feeling of color but that was not clearly visible to me, like there was yellow and something blueish but i could not put the colors on the different parts of her cloth."

Below is a rough sketch of the girl and how she was sitting down, her position on the floor.


And this (below)is the type of cloth she was wearing, like the woman on the left or the two young girls on the top


"Thinking that it could be a molestation, that the male was molesting the little girl when she was alive and this was stuck in time and keeps on getting repeated and this is what i caught on tape. I decided the next time I'm in Lebanon i will head there with my friends and barge in that room while yelling and screaming and thinking of the man/ghost on the tape and try to scare him off by whatever we say. You see, whatever one says it becomes a reality to the ghost and he'll see it the way you are saying it . But one have to follow what comes through as inspirations from spirit guides otherwise this won't work. And a lot of acting and emotions needs to be put up here also for it to work and will take a lot of luck, so it's a bit tricky for this idea to work."

"But, barging into that room can't be done right now since I'm away and so i decided to try something else and that is to project myself spiritually into that room and try talking to the girl's ghost to move on. Talking to ghosts ain't my thing and i do not do or like to do that but sometimes like in a case like this you have no choice, you have got to do something. So i sat down in my room in a meditative state and concentrated on that room and projected myself there. I became there and visible to the little girl. I could not see her clearly but vaguely sitting down. Thoughts become realities there so I created a large stairs that go up to a lit doorway, this is what came through from my spirit guides to do. Then i started talking to her in thoughts, telling her that I'm here to help her out and that i would not let anything happen to her anymore, that all her family and friends are up there in the light and that she should go up there to them , they are waiting and looking for her. I kept repeating the same things to her changing the words a little here little there and adding that there's no need for her to stay here and that there's nothing left for her here. But she would not move and it's a bit later that she did. She climbed the stairs a little bit about less then it's quarter and then she stopped. I continued repeating similar things to her for a few more minutes but she would not go up any higher. Then i mentioned her mom, i said to her that her mom might be looking for her and worried sick about her and wondering were she was, maybe even crying too. And that i felt changed the little girl completely and then she just took off on that stairs running up to the light. And just before she went through the lit door her silhouette was penetrated by a blinding light and she became transparent then she just dissipated into the light."

Patrick Zakhm