Second ghost case in Al-Batroun, Lebanon.

"Ghost investigation of a second haunted house in Batroun."

"On one of my visit to JD i was told and asked if i want to visit a house not far away said to be very haunted. I said "sure, no problem with me". So we waited until the owner came back from work which was around 11pm. I had a good friend with me this time so JD told us that the lady of that house is standing below the house and she's coming with us. We picked her up then took off. Few minutes later we arrived to her house. There was people waiting for us on the patio outside. I greeted everyone then i asked if i can check out the house. I was told to go ahead. As i started walking in members of the family started walking along with me so i asked them that i prefer to be by myself since I'm more sensitive alone. People walking along with me don't help me at all. So they turned then went back to the patio. As i started walking inside the living i noticed the density of the ghost vibes in there specially the living room you see in the picture. I have never come across something like that in Lebanon. It felt as if i was investigation a case in Montreal or London or Paris. I didn't expect to come across something with such degree of ghost intensity in here. There was many ghosts in there that had manifested physically in that living room in the past. I was suggested to check a room on the left inside. Said to be the oldest area of the house. In the beginning the house used to be made up of only 2 rooms. One i was heading to visit. The second was occupied by the grand mother and she was sleeping at this time. As i entered that first room then started walking a bit then all of a sudden i see this gentleman's head. Only the head was visible. the ghost was visible spiritually that is to me.'

I was surprised by the hair style. I've never seen anyone in my life with such a hair cut and i thought i have seen everything as far as hair cuts goes but i was wrong. This ghost's pitch black hair was very thick and was sticking out in front above his forehead. It was sticking 4 to 5 inches straight forward. It was like a small mountain actually lying on it's side. And as if that wasn't strange enough he also had a very thick mustache that it was so thick you couldn't see the upper lip of his mouth. It was thick black and untrimmed. I felt he was in his thirties. I kept seeing him for a bit then as i left the room i stopped seeing him. As i continued my walk i became in the hallway then i came across the kitchen that was on the right and facing the kitchen was another room."

" Between the two i saw yet another ghost spiritually. This one had a oval face and was barely visible in comparison to the first one. He also was a Caucasian and had a mustache as well but much smaller one though and it was was well trimmed and cut properly in comparison to the first ghost. I kept seeing him for a bit. Then as i walked back my path i kept on seeing him even though i had left the area where i first saw him. I kept seeing him vaguely. Then on my way back i came across the dining room. In it there was such strange vibes in one spot. The heat in that spot was just unbearable and unbelievable. There was a fridge on the left but this presence was about 5 feet in front. But the vibes was completely different and stranger to the two ghosts i saw earlier which told me this ghost is not connected to the two other ghosts. He belonged to another time. I stayed a bit then i came back outside on the patio. I sat down and told them what i saw."

" They looked into each other then somebody tried to talk but someone else hushed him. Then i was asked to come along and i did. They took me and showed me a lot of pictures and asked me which one did i see ? I took a look then i said "This one here" "(this is the one with thick heavy mustache)and this other one over there between the kitchen and the room that faces the kitchen". Then for the second ghost the one i saw near the kitchen they asked me if i saw this one or that one ? Which did i see? I didn't know the two were of the same person taken many years apart and were completely different. I pointed at the one when he was young. Around ten to fifteen years younger. When i looked at the most recent shot of him i saw spiritually a lot of arms and weapons around him."

" I thought to myself then said" O..he may have been an arms dealer or something". I didn't mention that to the family that i was seeing in spirits arms and weapons around the most recent picture. Then we came back outside. The one with the strange hair turned out to be the husband of the lady who died few months ago. The other man was her only brother who died in a foreign country around 15 years ago but nobody knows how he died. The family didn't know what happened. The government of that country sent back the body all wrapped up in a locked coffin. So the coffin was taken and buried. We then went back inside the house JD and several family members went in with me this time. One family member started telling me about seeing black shadowy figures passing and crossing fast in that first room where i saw the first ghost. And this person also experienced many times sudden freezing temperature for no apparent reasons. Then we continued to the kitchen. The lady have felt her brother's spirit as i was told in the kitchen most of the time passing behind or beside her. Then a friend of the family told me that one time she was washing her hands few feet away from the kitchen when all of a sudden she saw a male with a mustache standing right behind her, he saw his reflection in the mirror in front of her. She kept seeing him for a few seconds then he was gone. Then as we were walking we came across the dining room and this time what i felt earlier on was completely gone. There was nothing in there no extreme heat no presence vibes nothing. As if whatever that was standing there has left. I was then taken to two more rooms where the JD felt the presence of an old man and a woman. I felt the woman but couldn't see her."

" We then came out again on the patio and sat down and started talking. Then like 2 or 3 minutes later we hear someone talking from the living room. Everyone was stunned outside. The only person inside was the granny and she was sleeping in her room and he door is locked behind her. I had my back toward the wall of the living room but i heard the voice also. It sounded like an old man and he was pissed off. Those sitting in front of me were facing the living room and the open door to the living room and heard him more then me. The voice that i heard sounded like an echo. The echo actually was the voice. We were talking then someone said "Did you hear that ?!?". Like everyone heard the man talking but didn't click in their minds until after few seconds later. What those facing the living room and the door said was that the voice was that of an old fella saying in Arabic in a pissed voice tone" trookooneh be haleh !!" Or in English "leave me to myself !!"or "leave me alone !!". The voice sounded as if it was coming from a glass bottle. When we got inside the house the last time we were a big group. So i think the ghost got scared or got irritated by that and said it out loud to us that he is fed up and wanted us to leave him alone. He may have thought that we were after him. I was taping the whole visit on a digital voice recorder by the way yet it didn't catch this old man's voice. This made me question how good digital voice recorders really are? Can they really record everything or just some things ?. This was an expensive recorder put on the best recording HQ settings yet it didn't catch the ghost's voice".

" The lady wanted to know how her dear brother died. Then i said that to communicate with the ghost i will need the help of Judith the psychic in Montreal. I asked for a picture of the deceased brother to send it to Judith and see what she can tell us about his death.The lady got me a picture a couple of days later which i passed it on to Judith. Few days later Judith got back to me with more info. The brother according to was was shown in spirits to her was in a unstable country that Judith named. Then there was a coup d'etat. The brother happened to be in the area where the coup took place and that he was with some of his friends. As they got out and got into a vehicle to get out of there the army saw them and thought they were part of the coup and sprayed their vehicle with bullets. Several died on the spot few stayed alive and one of them was the brother. He was taken and locked up in an area. He died later on because no one attended to his wounds. The brother's death was an accident. He was at the wrong place at the wrong time. I passed this info to the mother and she confirmed the location where her brother was and what occurred in that country during the time he was there. But she didn't know how he died? And Judith got her the answer to the question that she and her family was wondering about since her brother's death, 15 years ago."

Patrick Zakhm

" Below is a shot of the living room. And where there was a lot of ghost vibes all around this area. "