The Dow Brewery in Downtown Montreal, Canada

This site is haunted by many ghosts, one is the spirit of a little girl who died a tragic death around 10-11 years ago(1998 or 99). Supposedly murdered by someone she knew. She went missing first and was all over the news. It was by accident that we stumbled on this site. Patrick first brought the group to an area that is part of the building because he was picking up horrific ghost vibes from this spot. As the group arrived there the medium that was present in the group back then started picking up the past then started reading the past Akashic records of the whole area where the dow building stands now. Then pointed to a spot where a little girl was murdered and gave details about what she was dressed in and the location of her body. On a second visit two psychics were brought in that didn't know anything about why they were here. And the two psychics didn't know each other. The first pointed out to something in the same area. The second psychic turned and wanted to leave, didn't wanna stay there no more. Death was under the ground he said. We did not know who it was at first it's later that we did. We kept going there then in one time Patrick saw spiritually the spirit of the little girl lit outline standing and crying. Her tears were happy tears because she was watching us and knew we were trying to help her out. She thought she was still alive and stuck or locked somewhere. We went few more visits there then the case went cold since not much can be done. This case is cold but not closed.

The Old Dow Brewery Building in Downtown Montreal, Canada

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UPDATE: We came across a site with pictures from inside the brewery and the building is in a very bad shape and doesn't look safe. So please don't go in there alone! We will not be responsible if anything happens to you.