Worldwide Ghost Investigations

We investigate ghost sightings in a whole range of places and in many different countries. Perhaps you have felt a presence or seen something you don't understand in your home or maybe in a shop or even in a movie theater. If you have encountered something like that then please get back to us and tell us about your experiences. We will do our best to try to solve and understand what is going on and report all sightings here on this site. We maybe located in Montreal but we can travel abroad to do investigations like the one done below in Paris, France.

St. Severin Church, Paris, France

"These pictures were taken inside St Severin Church in Paris, France. This church is haunted by many souls. There are many energies in there, it's difficult to describe them but it's like different parts of that church is impregnated with haunting energies belonging to different eras or time period. But what caught my attention is the spirit standing on top of the balcony near that clock on the left. I felt that he's a short male around 5.0-5.5 feet tall, in his fourties, just standing there. It's like he's waiting for something or someone, he could be connected to the organ on the right. Although he's not visible to the naked eye but if your sensitive enough you'll feel his presence. There is also this red energies caught by the camera on the right, which as you can see even from different angles shots they kept appearing on photographs. I thought first that it could be someone else's camera flash but there were only like 4 or 5 people present, also the light from a flash does not give red light like that it gives white light."

Patrick Zakhm

Photograph Photograph