Unknown Guest, Montreal, Canada (Thank you Melissa/Gina)

This came from someone in Montreal.In her own words : "My name is Melissa, I live in Montreal. This picture was taken on November 11 2006. It seems as if there is a woman dressed in black behind the man in this pic. When we zoom in on her face, we see lots of faces. One of them looks like my dead grandfather, and the woman's body resembles my dead grandmother.She is standing next to a white wooden door, and there are no mirrors, and no one was wearing black in that house that day. We ruled everyone out. There was no one at that gathering that was wearing all black...and you can see part of the leg, which clearly shows its an obese person, and there wasn't any there that night that were obese. Even if it was someones back facing the camera, wouldn't you have seen the hair? I mean, why is everyone's face clear, and that one isn't? If u zoom inside the mysterious face, you will see a bunch of faces, including one evident one in the middle. This face resembles a face of a 7 year old, but we don't recognize who it is. Then, there are a bunch of other faces, evil, and non evil, and one of them looks like my grandpa who is also dead, and happens to be the the husband of my grandmother who is deceased."

This is a very strange picture. The first time a see a figure well visible and completely in black. Even with the light from the flash which i think was enough to light everything behind. But still even with that the face is still black. Pitch black. We thought that it could be a shot from the back that this person's back was toward the camera during that snapshot but still keeps you wondering what's with that blackness?




Pic-2- Zoomed in shot of that figure.