Entity Photo, Montreal, Canada

"I took this photograph back in 1996 in my old apartment and this is what happened. My bedroom was composed of one big room and one small one which where this picture was taken. And one day while i was reading inside the small bedroom i felt a presence, not soul presences like i usually feel but presence that doesn't resemble anything i felt before, it didn't feel evil or anything, just the presence of a entity around one foot high and it was just floating in the air. So i kept looking at it, it wasn't visible to the naked eye but i was able to feel it's presence. Then a bit later it vanished, so i thought of getting a camera and keep it close in case i get another visitation. It's strange though i never thought of taking pictures of any visitation that i had, but this time i did. Few days later, again i was reading at night and out of the blue it appeared, i had my camera near me so right away i took a shot without giving it any thoughts. It stayed a bit then it vanished and i forgot all about it.Until i got my film developed, the guy there said " Sir, you want this photo or i throw it away ?". I took a look at it and was really surprised, because you can see a small figure, streaks of light going in and now i felt more things from it, it was as if there was a thousand thought all condensed into one place."


The entity picture.


The same place with no entity, just to give you a idea where it appeared. The hanging thing behind is a door cover because there's a door behind that leads to the bigger bedroom.

Photograph Photograph Photograph

"These last 3 picture are from the scanner, i thought of scanning the picture in grayscale, polarized(one layer)don't know what that is, and polarized (2nd layer) don't know what that is either, and that's what it seems more visible, it's outline, you can see the head, neck equal curves on both sided of the head, and it's like he's carrying something straight, very straight, like a stick or something that goes up to the right, and he doesn't seem to have legs."


"In this last picture at the buttom i've Added pointers to show the head, neck, shoulders and the right arm(his right arm), the left arm seems to have been used to hold something straight .(I had to use the mouse to write..Sorry)."

Patrick Zakhm