Inside Khufu's pyramid

"This is how it all started out."

"My interest in Egypt began around 10 years ago after a meditation. During a meditation one night in complete darkness a word appeared to me which lasted barely a second. It was not vague or anything it was just very clear and sharp actually it was much clearer then you could see with a 20/20 vision. And this word stayed barely a second but i was able to remember it and i jotted it down even though i had no idea what it meant. Later on i did some research on it's meaning but couldn't find anything because i was unsure about it's writing direction by the way it was shown to me i wasn't sure if i caught it the right way or it was written backward. But still even backward it would still look quiet alike until i came across a good friend of mine. And right away i got a answer from here '' It's the name of a temple in Egypt "she said. I couldn't believe my ears, i spent so much time searching for it's meaning with no success and this lady gave me a answer in a second. Her quick response was so weird to me that it ignited the urge to go to Egypt one day. And that's what happened years later."

"After arriving in Egypt and trying several hotels i ended up in a very nice hotel that is also close to the pyramids called " Jewel of the pyramids" located on Ahram street in Giza(Ahram is the word for pyramids in Arabic)."

"Few days later i decided with my Egyptian friend to visit the Giza plateau the three pyramids so up we went. We started with the smallest of the three Mykerinous pyramid then went to the second largest Khafra pyramid but it was closed to the public so we continued to Cheops pyramid the tallest of the three giants."

"And it is in khoufu's where i had my strange experience .We arrived at the entrance which is reached by climbing to it. The guys at the entrance asked for the camera that i had in my hand because cameras weren't allowed inside. We started our way up but first there was a curvy human size tunnel where you are lead to another tunnel a much small passage which takes you straight up to khoufu's burial chamber. And this tiny passage (pic1)is like one meter high by one meter wide not a comfortable place to be in specially if you have to walk with your back bent down and you're six feet tall (which is in my case :\)."

Patrick Zakhm

Picture 1


"It's like bending down to tie your shoe lace then staying in that position and walk straight up a steep tunnel around 150 meters long and breathing stagnated hot air all the way up (not recommended it for those with heart problems). But before we went through that tunnel my friend stopped and wouldn't continue for no apparent reason. Tried talking him out of it to come with me but he wouldn't listen he insisted that i go up by myself and he'll wait for me outside, and so i did. It was of a surprise to me for him not to come along because we came through this incredible heat outside and paid to get in (one hundred Egyptian pound per person just to visit khoufu's tomb)then to say later that he's not coming up with me, made no sens."

"I started walking through this passage then around fifteen minutes later i arrived in a large room where i was able to stand up from this crouching position. In that room (pic2)there was two walking steps one on each side and they both take you to the entrance of khoufu's burial chamber that is on top. Picture number 2 was taken from the burial chamber downward toward this large room entrance door which is barely visible in the middle with a bit of light(by the way i had another tiny Casio camera on me that day that's how i took these pics :)."

Picture 2


"The chamber was about fifteen feet long by ten feet wide and like 7 feet high and in it there's a empty stone coffin which is said to be khoufu's and the whole chamber was lit by just one small bulb. Still even with that you can barely see anything in that room."

"I looked around a bit then i thought because it was so quiet and so serene in there why not meditate a bit and so i did, i sat down on the entrance door (pic3)then made my mind as quiet as the chamber i was in."

Picture 3


"Few minutes had passed then all of a sudden i felt the presence of somebody approaching me from behind. Then just about he was close to touch my back he instantly retreated back in a very scared way then he was gone. I turned around to see who's there but didn't see no one. I have no idea what freaked him out that way what did he see, all i can say is that this soul was doing his job. Just like a museum security guard do his by keeping visitors from doing things that are not allowed to do like seeing somebody touching a painting that is not allowed to be touched he would approach that person and tell him something like ''Excuse me, you can't touch this Sir ". This is what i felt from this soul, he came to me to warn me or tell me something then he saw something else that made him retreat frantically."

"By the way where i sat in front of me there's a straight deep fall if one falls down he would (if he stayed alive that is)be seriously hurt. I kept quiet on this incident said nothing to nobody. Do you remember my Egyptian friend the one that wouldn't go up with me? Well few days later we were talking about the pyramids i told him what i experienced up there he stared at me then froze then got all nervous and started smoking, i asked him what's wrong? He wouldn't tell me at first then he said he was stopped. Somebody didn't want him to go up with me. He said he felt like a hand on his chest pushing him backward. He kept trying moving forward but this hand kept stopping him that's when he said he's not going up with me. After realizing what i had just told him he shouted in my face "enta rouhaneh !enta rouhaneh !(in Arabic)'' You are spiritual !You are spiritual !!"

Patrick Zakhm