The Saint Gabriel's Inn Restaurant, Old Montreal, Montreal, Canada

"This building in old Montreal was built around 1690. One of the earliest constructions. There's a lot of history in there and all the vibes of the past are still inside and very much alive. You can literally go back in time if you take a walk in there. To me personally and from what i can pick up this place is extremely haunted. One of the famous ghost there is that of a little girl around 5 or 6 years old who died in a fire that ravaged part of the building in the 1800. She has been spotted by many psychics and sensitives. And one time someone taking pictures of the inside for publicity caught on film by accident what looked like a little girl standing near the fireplace. Another story is of the piano located on the second floor that plays on its own sometimes. Workers have heard it playing and the most recent incidence goes back to last December 2007. Two workers were on the second floor one day doing their jobs when all of a sudden the same piano started playing so they freaked out and ran downstairs screaming "les fantomes..les fantomes"(in french)."the ghosts !..The ghosts ! ". We went and checked it out and somebody suggested that it could be an electric piano that can play on it's own but turned out to be nothing like that, it was just an ordinary plain old piano."

"These are some orbs shots from one of the investigation we did there. And all of these pictures were taken by me using a 10.1 meg pixel digital camera with burst mode on. The first two bursts pics(below)you can see the same orb appearing in the first shot then moving away in the others. Another orb caught above a lady's head before moving away. The fourth orb or what is left of an orb (before it goes to it's plane of existence and vanishes) was caught above the same lady's head in one shot."

Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph Photograph

"The above shots were taken with my group (The Montreal Ghost Tracking group). Then few days later i decided to go in there alone. I started taking pics and felt a breeze of cold air passing in front of me or maybe blown at me i could not be sure of that then i entered a room we were in before.The whole floor and rooms were empty nobody was there and it was mostly dark since i went there at night. But, as soon as i stepped into that room(could be how i entered) all of a sudden I see(spiritually) and felt physically a gentleman dressed in out of time outfit approaching me. From what it looked to me it seems that it was someone who used to work there (maitre d'hotel maybe?)in the past when he was still alive. He was doing his job and he thought i was here to sit down and eat on one of these large white tables. So he went forward toward me stood momentarely then turned and went back to his place or the area that he usually stands at and wait for customer. He got back to his spot so to speak. His spot is on the left side of that room (if you go in from the main entrance that is). He stayed spiritually visible for a few minutes then started fading away then he was gone. He was dressed in a 1800..1850 type of period cloth i can't put an exact date because i'm not an expert in these things but i would say from the mid 1800's. All i can say is that he was elegantly well dressed , wearing a black jacket with pointed corners that go down, some sort of a tuxedo with elongated straight thick colars that reaches right above his ears. He was short around 5 feet tall, white skin and had a long blonde/redish light thin hair on top of his head that were into curls."

"We will be going there again for sure because this place is a time capsule. Just so many ghosts in there belonging to different eras. We made contact with three of them so far."

Patrick Zakhm