Ghost Hitchhiker, Moncton->-Halifax, Canada

"Last June 2009 i took a trip by car up north for exploration. I visited many towns and cities like Quebec city, Chicoutimi, Saguenay Lac Saint Jean, Riviere Du Loup, Rimouski, Gaspé, Moncton, Prince Edward Island then i came back to Moncton and i continued to Halifax, Nova Scotia. And it's from Moncton as i took of toward Halifax where i had a strange experience. About 2 hours after taking of that night from Moncton that the following incidence occurred. It was pitch black outside in the middle of nowhere when i came all of a sudden across a male in his 20th hitch-hiking. The time was around 12:30am.I was not tired or anything, i actually enjoy driving at night. The car headlights were lighting the way in front of me and there was nobody there when all of a sudden i see this gentleman appear right near my car right fender. First i was surprised and got upset because i didn't see him standing, with the headlight there was nobody there. I slowed down a bit but continued driving and said to myself "how stupid is that? This guy wanna be run over or what? what is he doing there in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere?". It did not make any sense. But what struck me the most was what i felt when i looked at him. He was not leaning forward to attract the attention of passing cars but instead he was just standing straight and still sideways facing the side of the car parallel to the car and was not waving to be seen like ordinary hitchhiker do or what anybody would do to be seen, he was just there with a frozen and cold empty look on his face as if he was there but wasn't really there. His skin was very white and without exaggeration i would say it was as if it was lit. I stayed upset for a bit of time for his sake, because he was standing in a very dangerous area. Then i let this go and continued my way to Halifax and stopped thinking about it. It's later on that i started thinking of what i saw, when i heard stories of ghost hitchhikers being picked up by drivers without the realization of what was picked up until later when when these passengers just disappear. The common things drivers have reported is that complete silence is how the ride becomes, drivers try to strike conversations with passengers but nothing comes out of that, no response no replies as if there's nobody there."

"One interesting story of a biker picking up a woman hitchhiker, he stopped to give her a lift, he give her his reserve helmet she puts it on then they take off. Few miles down the road, a strange feeling came over the biker to look behind him. He did but to his surprise the woman was no longer there and his helmet was back to it's place. It was as if the ghost of that woman was close to where she was heading and vanished upon realizing that".

Patrick Zakhm

"The shot below is just to give you an idea what was like outside, taken from a video clip i have taken while driving, because even with flash on pictures came out very dark"